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Tu będę zamieszczać linki do stron, blogów anglojęzycznych na temat edukacji domowej – homeschooling.

Największym i zbierającym linki do innych blogów jest blog:

Why Homeschool


Mission statement: On this blog we explore why homeschooling can be a better option for children and families than a traditional classroom setting. We’ll also explore homeschooling issues in general, educational thoughts, family issues, and some other random stuff. TU


1. SIMPLE HOMESCHOOL czyli Lora’s homeschool (with a 10 months, 2-, 4-, 5-, 7-, 8-. & 8- year old) TU

2. How to homeschool: Links to help you get started TU

3. Dayna Martin – unschooling TU

4. Design-your-homeschool

„Well, I would love to help you! I am not here to sell you homeschool curriculum or push a certain approach, but to help you discover what will work in your family. With more than 20 years research and experience and still homeschooling 4 children, this site is a living document. It is written as a guide – a step by step guide to homeschooling, analysing homeschooling approaches, understand how to teach different subjects and helping you design your curriculum within each home school approach. It is written to new homeschoolers and to those who need encouragement and fresh ideas. We all need to stop at times and ask, „Why am I doing this? Is this the best way?”” TU

5. Edukacja domowa w Rosji TU

6. Rozmowa z prof. Curtisem Hancockiem z Rockhurst University (USA) na temat homeschoolingu. TU

7. Homeschool World – The Official Web Site of Practical Homeschooling Magazine TU

8. In One State, More Children Homeschool Than Attend Private Schools. Why That Shouldn’t Shock You. TU



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